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Saturday, 30 June 2018


Analyst and author of the research report of Tanzania Uhisania Mr. Tom Were he criticized the report early yesterday city Dar es Salaam.

TANZANIANS  the community and even in developing various social services in order to help the country move forward.

That has been said earlier yesterday in Dar es Salaam and Member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Civil Society Bi. Neziah Mahenge when the report will launch a special research about philanthropy and the culture of volunteering in Tanzania.

The report involving a survey conducted between February to April and involve organizations Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in collaboration with the Forum for Philanthropy Tanzania (Tanzania Philanthropy Forum) with the aim of obtaining the necessary information about the status of the charity or voluntary basis to communities in Tanzania.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Civil Society Neziah Mahenge explaining in detail the elements found in the report of the Study of Philanthropy in Tanzania.

Member of the board stressed the importance of the individual as well as private institutions, especially social functioning continued commitment in various development projects and stop the practice of waiting for the government to do everything.

He went on to stress that it is better to participate in various activities to development as one of the best ways to help the government in raising several projects including education, health, construction, and not to facilitate only financially but even in helping to bring donors who will achieve this exercise is also big stage.

"But also in the form of volunteers to Tanzania direction, its not too bad for Tanzanians to demonstrate that they have the heart to offer to help, but also in efforts to bring development to support multi-service social state shows we are still well" said Neziah
Analysts were criticized for the Study of Philanthropy Report Tanzania

He added that one problem that emerges in our country is that a lack statistics / accurate information to volunteers but were available would help determine the extent applicable the volunteers in projects within their community and that is programmed into the laws and systems of our country.

By the end he'd advise stakeholders use the results of this study as part of the exchange of experiences in the entire industry of philanthropy and volunteering in the community and encourage the importance of philanthropy among community providers also set guidelines for developing philanthropy Tanzania.

Some participants were monitored analysis report philanthropy Tanzania iliyozindiliwa and PAMA Foundation for Civil Society in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

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