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Monday, 23 April 2018

Water as an immediate energy solution for Tanzania

It is common knowledge that water sustains alllife on Earth and that nothing can be grown or survivewithout it. When used effectively, water can also provideclean electricityfor millions of people. In this review, we will discuss how it can be done without affecting the environment and why it is so important to us in Tanzania. 
Tanzania has abundant energy sources, most of which remain unexploited. Hydro has traditionally played a significant role, with an installed capacity of 562 MW, which accounts for roughly one-third of the total installed power capacity. With a hydro potential of 4.7 GW, the country plans to further development this source, but views weak transmission infrastructure as a significant short-term barrier.
Only 41% of the population currently has access to electricity. Low population density and expensive transmission costs have led to the government adopting targeted policies to develop off-grid schemes in order to increase the current levels of rural electricity access.

Power where it is needed
Minihydro power planttechnology available today may serve as an important alternative to traditional large scale hydro power generationinTanzania, because the resources of minor water streamsare practically omnipresent. Mini hydro power plantsare quick, cost effective and simple to installand maintain, and supplyecologically clean and affordableelectricity.Hungarian companyGANZ EEM, a subsidiary of state owned Russian nuclear corporation Rosatomrecently presented an innovative portable mini hydro power plant for the African market. The containerisedunits are easy to transport and are great forelectricity generation in remote areas.
Rosatom Central and Southern Africa regional vice-president Dmitry Shornikov notes that, “Rosatom offer numerous energy solutions for African countries and one of the most promising is our innovative containerized mini-hydropower plant, with a design capacity of up to 2 MW. A single facility is capable of providing electricity to between 250 and 400 houses for roughly 40 years”.
The mini hydro plants which have a life span of roughly 40 years and a warranty of 12 years can be monitored and operated remotely from anywhere in the world. The plantswhich operate at a 93% capacity factor requireminimalhead, and do not require dam construction and therefore cause no environmental harm to river and other reservoir ecology.
Mini Hydro plantsare able to meet electricity requirements for residential, retail and corporate consumers in remoteareas where central supplies are not available or where transmission lines aredifficultor costly to install.
Mini Hydro plants are also an excellent alternative to inefficient, costly and ecologically unfriendly diesel generators. The units can be installed inline of existing pipelines and are therefore also perfect for the mining and manufacturing sectors, particularly those that use a great deal of water. The plants dramatically reduce electricity costs and ultimately reduce production costs, making local products more cost effective on the global market.

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