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NHC yazindua uuzaji wa nyumba mpya za ubungo jijini Dar leo

 Mkurugenzi wa Maendeleo ya Biashara wa Shirika la Nyumba la Taifa,David Shambwe (kushoto) akiongea na waandishi wa habari (hawapo pichani) wakati wa uzinduzi wa uuzaji wa mradi wa nyumba mpya za Ubungo,katika hoteli ya Movenpick  jijini Dar es Salaam leo.Kulia ni Meneja Uhusiano wa Shirika la Nyumba la Taifa,Muungano Saguya.
Baadhi ya Waandishi wa Habari waliohudhuria kwenye Mkutano huo uliofanyika kwenye ukumbi wa Mikutano wa hoteli ya Movenpick jijini Dar es Salaam leo.

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Today at Movenpick Hotel, once again National Housing Corporation (NHC) has officially announced the sale of New Units to be built at Ubungo, This was announced today by the Mr David Shambwe who is the Director of Business Development at National Housing Corporation. 

David started by inviting Tanzanian residents and non - residents who are interested to purchase the house in our newly constructed apartments at Ubungo surburb of Kinondoni Municipality.The project is expected to be completed within 9 months.

Ubungo Residential Apartments are located at the junction of Morogoro and Shekilango roads and can easily be accessed and are also linked to the critical facilities such as Health, Schools and Shopping just to mention few, He clarified. 

This is new development is within the complex, famous known as Ubungo flats. This development will bring new better living to the existing tenants of NHC by providing them with improved facilities such as a secured gated community, provision of shopping centre, water reservoir, paved parking spaces and sports facilities (sports ground). The two bedrooms apartments are found within a modern five storey building in 4 blocks each constitute 20 units in total.

During the press, David Shambwe insisted that we are not selling the existing apartments, we will only sale the newly constructed units.

The sale of Ubungo Apartment is among the series of NHC projects aiming at fulfilling the Corporation Strategic Plan of constructing 15,000 Units of which 10,000 Units for Middle and Upper and 5000 Units for Affordable segments. David indicated that, the Selling price for an apartment will be TZS 67,946,567.86 (VAT exclusive).

David insisted that, in this project the corporation has given special price consideration to Tanzanian. Most the margins have been reduced to make sure the project is affordable to the buyers, we have only 80 units available for sale. Therefore, we encourage people who are interested to comply for a fair and transparent selection of who would be interested to purchase should respond as soon as possible.

The interested individual’s purchasers are required to observe the following process;

1. The interested purchaser should collect “House Purchase Application Form” from NHC – Head Office, Ubungo Residential Apartments project sales office which is located on site, any other NHC regional office countrywide or you may download the forms via NHC website (

2. The applicant should submit the dully filled and signed “House Purchase Application Form” together with proof of 10% down payment (of the property value) as a commitment of his/her desire and ability to purchase.

3. All successful applicants will receive letters of offer for house purchase. They will be given 90 calendar days, from the date of the letter to finalize the payment of the remaining 90% of the value of the house applied. The payment plan can be evidenced either by cash deposited in the project account or by conformation of mortgage offered by one of the participating financial institutions.

4. Upon the expiry of the 90 days period without the submission of the proof of payment plan, NHC will allocate the house to another bidder in the waiting list. The applicant who misses the opportunity due to inability to pay 90% will be given a chance to use the 10% down payment for either applying for another house in other NHC projects or be refunded. If the applicant opts to be refunded she/he will be subjected to deduction of 2% of the deposited amount.

5. The waiting list will consist of an extra 20% beyond the allocated applicants of the available units and had made down payment but missed out due limited number of available units.

6. The 10% down payment paid by either defaulters or members from the waiting list may either use the same to apply for a house in other NHC projects or ask for a refund.

7. Once all allocated buyers have settled all due payments as per their commitments, NHC will declare the sales of the project units is closed.

8. NHC will process unit titles/title deeds and hand them over to the buyers who paid in cash or to the respective financial institutions that provide mortgages.

Terms and Conditions Apply

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Thanks very much for this good plan of helping people to have their own house, my question is this price of 67,046,567.86 is for middle income or upper income and what about the people with low income, thanks , am looking forward to hear from you.regards

Hii naona sio kuwasaidia watu wa kipato cha chini,, kwaza ata profile yenu mmetumia lugha ya Kingengereza,, hivi kweli watanzania wote wanajua kuongea kingereza??? Alafu ndio mnaita shirika la Nyumba la Taifa?

Its a nice move but change mode of payment eg. you could make it in installment to allow different income earners access adequate shelter
email; tanshelter

This mode of housing delivery is indeed encouraging however it marginalizes the really low income people with this price tag and the mode of payment.I would appreciate if the national housing coorperation will re look at this angle to ensure even the low income society has access to these sort of units.
General Secretary,TAN Shelter Formaliozation

Huu ni unyanyasaji tu kwa watu wenye kipato kidogo kwa sababu bei ni kubwa hvyo hakuna unafuu wowote hapo,na ili kuonesha kwamba nyumba mmeamua kugawana ninyi kwa ninyi mmeamua kumwandikia huyo masikini kwa lugha ya kigeni ili asielewe...naomba changa la macho hili na siasa chafu mziache...








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