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Friday, April 19, 2024


In Ankara's halls, under academic gaze,
Ankara University honors a Tanzanian blaze.
Samia Suluhu Hassan, a leader so rare,
In economics, an honorary doctorate she did bear.

From India's Nehru to Zanzibar's shore,
Her accolades in leadership roar.
Dar es Salaam and now Ankara's acclaim,
Her achievements in Tanzania's name.

Professor Ünüvar bestows the degree,
A symbol of her transformative spree.
Diplomats and scholars, a distinguished crowd,
In honor of her, they are bowed.

Her leadership's impact, a global view,
Economic reforms and policies anew.
Tanzania's rise under her steady hand,
A symbol of progress, across the land.

A state visit to Türkiye, a momentous affair,
Samia Suluhu Hassan, expectations to declare.
With President Erdogan, dialogue will engage,
Strengthening ties, a new historic stage.

She strengthens ties, both near and far,
Elevating Tanzania as a rising star.
Türkiye, a partner in trade and more,
Their bond deepens, united at its core.

From agriculture to technology's leap,
Education's advance, in promises deep.
Trade volumes surge, opportunities vast,
A partnership that's built to last.

Coffee, coconuts, and gems so rare,
Tanzania's treasures, beyond compare.
Turkish investments, a boon for each,
Economic growth, well within reach.

As Samia Suluhu Hassan strides ahead,
Her vision and courage, widely spread.
Tanzania's future, a path so clear,
Nasimama na Samia, her leadership we cheer.

Thank you.

Written by Christopher Makwaia
Tel: +255 789 242 396

- The writer, is a University of West London graduate (formerly Thames Valley University) and an expert in Management, Leadership, International Business, Foreign Affairs, Global Marketing, Diplomacy, International Relations, Conflict Resolution, Negotiations, Security, Arms Control, Political Scientist, and a self-taught Computer Programmer and Web Developer.

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