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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Ecobank Tanzania supporting fight against cancer


  Ecobank Tanzania, affiliate of the leading pan-African bank, Ecobank, is partnering with Chief Promotions, a non-governmental organisation, to co-sponsor activities to raise awareness and educate Tanzanians about cancer and encourage governments and individuals to act against the disease, in support of World Cancer Day 2021 which is on Thursday 4th February.

Charles Asiedu; Managing Director of Ecobank Tanzania said: “Cancer devastates many thousands of lives and households in Tanzania every year. At Ecobank Tanzania we are determined to help address this disease through our cancer awareness and education activities and through our three-year campaign to help prevent all Non-Communicable Diseases - which include cancers - by encouraging everyone to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors. Having a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, cutting down on alcohol and protecting yourself from the sun will help prevent you from getting cancer.”

Ecobank Tanzania’s education and awareness activities for World Cancer Day will include

A donating to support the Children with Cancer at Muhimbili National hospital.
Sharing awareness messages via TV, Radio and Social media to increase awareness and education about cancer

Globally 10 million people die from cancer each year – that’s more than from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined – and if we don’t act experts predict cancer deaths will rise to 13 million by 2030. More than one third of cancer cases can be prevented and another third can be cured if detected early and treated properly. Further details about World Cancer Day 2021 can be found here:


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